Examination Suite | Mayer Family DentalAt the initial appointment we will examine your mouth to discover what you may need and what you desire from us. We will take the necessary x-rays and examine the tissues for any infection, decay, or gum disease. It is vital for our proper treatment of your dental problems to know all we can about you.

A thorough analysis of the cause of your condition is critically essential to giving you the long term results you seek. With complete x-rays available, we will proceed with a most thorough and careful examination from which we will arrive at a diagnosis. A plan of treatment that will resolve these problems and place your mouth in what we call “Optimum Oral Health” will be presented to you for your acceptance before we proceed with any further treatment.


After your initial appointment, we will place you on a permanent recall every 3 to 6 months. We will mail you a postcard with an appointment already set up for you at a convenient time.

New Patients

For your convenience, you may download and print the form needed to register you as our patient. Please fill out this 2-page form completely and bring it with you for your first appointment.

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