Our Approach


Dentistry has made amazing advances in recent years and because of these new concepts, we can provide better care for you than ever before. It is possible, with proper care, for most people to keep their teeth for a lifetime. This approach is called Preventative Dentistry, and is the basis of our practice.

We believe people want to keep their teeth for a lifetime. We believe that prevention of disease is far more enjoyable, less costly, and more comfortable for all concerned. By learning to be healthy, dental problems can be kept at a minimum. Dental health also depends upon good habits, including proper tooth brushing, use of dental floss and regular visits to the dentist. We will have a chance to discuss these points further during your appointment.

Our practice centers on the patient, and our entire staff is devoted to making your visits in our office as enjoyable as possible. Our office is designed especially for you comfort. We realize that many patients have certain fears when visiting a dentist, fear of pain, appearance after treatment, injections, tooth loss, fees, and others. Every effort is made to overcome these obstacles to successful treatment.

We are interested in you as a person, as a total being, not just in isolated teeth as though they were not part of you. It is a fact, after all, that your oral health affects you as a total person. If your teeth do not look right, if your mouth is uncomfortable or in pain, if you cannot eat properly because you cannot chew your food, or there is disease which is being absorbed by the bloodstream around your teeth, or your breath is offensive because of inadequate hygiene, this can have an effect that concerns much more than your mouth. For these reasons, at Mayer Family Dental, the whole person is our focus.

Getting Acquainted

On your first visit we will ask you for personal data and health background information. This information is designed to help us complete insurance forms or other correspondence required. The health information provides a baseline history to aid us in providing better dental care for you. We keep all patient data completely confidential.